All Time Indians Name Team — Snuffy Stirnweiss Division (Nicknames)



And now, in Part II of the great Indians name listing experiment, it's time to tackle the great nicknames of the club. Now, some clarification. While "Pronk" may or may not be a great nickname, I tried to go by nicknames that stuck to the point of either a) Always using it when referring to a player, or b) Supplanting the player's real name altogether. This is a troublesome brightline, not just because I couldn't possibly go through every player to ever be on the Tribe's roster and determine whether they met my guidelines or not, but also because it's even hard to tell when a nickname meets either one of the aforementioned metrics. So, don't get all up on me because I forgot someone or included one you don't like. Onwards!

Minnie Minoso
Candy Maldonado
Boog Powell
Happy Iota
Happy Townsend
Big Bill james
Hi Jasper
Mysterious Walker
Skeeter Webb
Dummy Leitner
Candy LaChance
Birdie Tebbetts
Pinch Thomas
Germany Schaefer
Rabbit Nill
Snuffy Stirnweiss
Blue Moon Odom
Pop-Boy Smith
Bugs Reisigl
Ginger Shinwault
Braggo Roth
Bip Roberts
Peaches Graham
Zaza Harvey
Spec Harkness
Tex Jeanes
Toothpick Sam Jones
Sad Sam Jones
Sudden Sam McDowell
Shoeless Joe Jackson
Baby Doll Jacobson
Mudcat Grant
Heine Berger

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