Ohio EPA: Slightly Less Evil


Chris Korleski: No longer an agent of evil?
Maybe we were wrong about Chris Korleski, the new head of the Ohio EPA. After our story ran about the agency's continued refusal to speak to Scene's reporters, the EPA's new spokesperson called to "extend an olive branch between the two of us and try to start fresh." It was an historic day, considering Scene's relationship with the agency. Ever since a 2001 story chronicling the agency's seven years of stalling in cleaning up a chemical leak in Middlefield, it's been chillier than a shuffleboard game between Fatah and Hamas. But Melissa Fazekas, former communications director for the Ohio Senate Democrats, said Korleski wants to wipe away the hard feelings and give Scene a "clean slate." "It is a new day and we will try to go forward from here," says Fazekas. If we're really good, says Fazekas, we might even get to see the secret room where they stash all the people with the glowing heads. — Jared Klaus
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