Public Square: Eulogy for the death of WMMS


Well, it has finally happened. WMMS has gone all talk all day long. Although WMMS has struggled since its glory days to find a morning team, it seems they are satisfied to just forget the music and fans that made them and just go talk all day. Don't get me wrong, I listened to Rover before his move to WMMS and more power to him for advancing himself. But we have longed for a morning show that combined talk AND music for far too long. I have listened to internet stations that are creating listener driven playlist mixes that ARE working and are a pleasure to listen to. So I guess i'll retire my buzzard sweatshirt, remember the glory days of Jeff and Flash, the boom (rip), kid leo and so on. For those that like talk all day long you now have a great source, but damn if I'm gonna just listen on nights and weekends. R.I.P. WMMS Ralph Depetris Rock Creek

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