Terry Brooks, Channel 5 Sports Anchor, Charged with Rape (Updated)



Charged with rape, attempted rape, and kidnapping
  • Charged with rape, attempted rape, and kidnapping

Update II: Brooks was found not guilty on all nine counts this afternoon. (WEWS)

Update: Brooks has stepped forward to deny the allegations of rape, according to his employer, WEWS. "I am innocent of these charges," he told Channel 5.

Some more details also have eked out of the prosecutor's office. Channel 5 reports Brooks and the alleged victim were acquaintances before the incident; the woman also was seriously impaired on the night of the rape.

"The individual was substantially impaired either mentally or physically and was not able to give consent to the acts that were forced upon her,” assistant prosecutor Paul Myles told the station.


Today the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office fired off this shocking piece of news: Channel 5 sports anchor Terry Brooks has been indicted on charges of rape, attempted rape, and kidnapping.

According to Brooks’ colleagues at WEWS, the incident happened sometime between September 1 and September 14, 2009. According to reports, a 21-year-old woman told officials she went to Jack’s Sports Bar in South Euclid with the 32-year-old weekend anchor. Brooks then allegedly took the woman to his nearby house, rapped her, and dropped her back off at the bar.

The crime was reported in January. Brooks has been placed on a leave of absence. Below, a statement from WEWS General Manager Sam Rosenwasser:

We learned late on Tuesday of the Cuyahoga County prosecutor's interest in legal action surrounding the alleged activity of Terry Brooks. Any hint of improper conduct by our employees is taken very seriously by the station and its management team. We will cooperate fully and completely with all investigating authorities in the interest of a resolution that is fair and just for all parties involved. At this time, we have placed Terry Brooks on a leave of absence until the facts are determined and we can evaluate his future with the station

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