Kidz in the Hood



Despite Cleveland's declining population numbers, young adults are flocking to urban neighborhoods and inner-ring suburbs at an encouraging and trend-defying clip, the PD reports. Hispanics, Asians and African-Americans are leading the charge (and that seems totes appropes for MLK day.)

A study by Case policy researcher Richey Piiparinen found that the neighborhoods you think are trendy and worth moving to are, in fact, the trendy neighborhoods where 25-34-year-olds are moving to: Downtown, Tremont, Ohio City, University Circle, Edgewater, Kamms Corner. Also, bafflingly, Old Brooklyn.

Data suggests that walkable inner-rings like Cleveland Heights and Lakewood are becoming hot destinations for young suburban folk galumphing in from the likes of Strongsville and Pepper Pike.

Have a look at this neat map that the PD put together to visualize the growth. Lakewood takes the cake: 3,148 young adults have migrated there in the past decade.


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