Chardon Shooter Gets Life Without Parole [UPDATED]



TJ Lane was sentenced to three life sentences without parole, plus 17 years, for the Chardon shooting in February, 2012.

In the courtroom, Lane was wearing a white t-shirt with "KILLER" written in black marker across the chest. He was smirking through the duration of the proceedings and appeared to be fending off giggles as the family members of his victims made testimonials.

In general, he seemed delighted by the prospect of his notoriety and bored by the havoc he wreaked. Lane was bopping his head, rolling his eyes, and openly smiling through much of the judge's sentencing.

"You're evil," said the mother of one of the three boys killed in Lane's rampage. "Because of you our quiet little town will never be the same again."

The judge denied that Lane was ever mentally unstable or incompetent during the time of the incident. He said that Lane acted alone and has demonstrated and utter lack of remorse.

During his own statement, which his counsel advised against, Lane gave the courtroom the middle finger:

"This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. Fuck all of you," Lane said.


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