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The Advocate: Lolita McDavid

Medical Director of Child Advocacy, Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital


Dr. Lolita McDavid — "Lolly," to friends — spends her days advocating for children who need help in many forms. As the medical director of child advocacy and protection at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital at University Hospitals, McDavid plays a vital role in a variety of matters.

"I took a different path," she says of her career. "You just have to be open to opportunities and to the moment." Earlier in life, McDavid focused her studies on history, political science and public administration, leading her to work as a city planner under former Cleveland Mayor Carl B. Stokes. Becoming involved in the Children's Defense Fund led her toward medical school, where she combined her skills at planning and administration with a big heart and a desire to help children in need.

She says that anyone interested in working in the medical community should bear in mind the importance of being involved with the greater community. Lately, she adds, that's manifested itself most apparently in promoting funding for children's hospital education and supporting the ongoing discussion about gun violence both locally and nationally.

"I think we need to educate families and children, and I think we need to keep talking about that," she says.


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