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The Arts Emissary: Todd Krispinsky

Director of Marketing and PR, Great Lakes Theater


Fresh out of Youngstown State in 1998, Todd Krispinsky nabbed a six-week stage manager contract at Great Lakes Theater, and has been with them ever since.

Krispinsky is currently the director of marketing and public relations for GLT, managing the promotions of their lavishly produced shows not only in Cleveland but in Lake Tahoe, Nev., as well.

But his theater experiences have broadened in other ways, since he is recognized as one of the leading scenic designers for other theaters in the area and a two-time recipient of the Ohio Arts Council's Individual Excellence Award for design.

As he says, "I love honing the 'chaos' of diverse ideas into something tangible that has form, clarity and beauty. In the set design for Cleveland Public Theatre's There Is a Happiness That Morning Is, we merged geometry and nature on stage, affording actors a rich environment to explore and audiences a visual metaphor to evoke meaning."

Krispinsky knows how actors feel about that, since he formerly performed on local stages, in plays such as The Pillowman at Dobama Theatre. He has continued to pursue the elusive "visual metaphors" that set designs create on stages at the Beck Center and elsewhere.

"Arts are vital to a community," he says. "It was a thrill to play a part in re-imagining the Hanna Theatre as Great Lakes Theater's new home. I am excited about the role that arts and culture will play in shaping the future of Cleveland."


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