Duane Kuiper says, "Good Morning, Cleveland"




Just so you know, a ghost from Cleveland sports past will greet you electronically each morning. In some cases, it's very likely that person himself is available to greet you in person for the right price, but that's a different story.

I sent this image from the Cleveland Memory Project to the estimable Joe Posnanski awhile back because he is sorta obsessed with Duane Kuiper — he of the 1 career home run in 3379 career at-bats.

This picture was taken as Kuiper (left) was being presented with a chair and ball combo to honor and celebrate that "first" home run. Doug Dieken (center) and Dave Garcia (right) are there too.

As the brilliant readers of Joe's blog mentioned, the plaque on the chair says: "Duane Kuiper -- First Major League Home Run -- 8-29-77 -- Off Steve Stone, Baltimore Orioles." Except, Steve Stone was playing for the Chicago White Sox at the time.

Love the typo, the carnations pinned to the suits, the strange choice to hold a ceremony — it seems to me the perfect visual representation of that era of Indians baseball.

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