Delonte West Hangs Out Where?




You might have missed this. In his April 2 Cavaliers Insider column, Windhorst touches briefly on Delonte West's hair. which is great in its own right, but not the important thing here.

Here's the important thing:

"No matter where I go around Cleveland, someone has something to say about the hair," West said. "They say 'I like the bush out.' But I was in Rite Aid on East 55th and everyone in there was like "you gotta go to the braids, man. You playing right." So I called the hair stylist and said come on over.

Yes, that is East 55th. Not a horrible place, not the greatest place. Somewhere in the middle. But still somewhere you probably don't expect a millionaire athlete like Delonte West to be chilling there. Although, when you consider that it is Delonte we're talking about, nothing should really be surprising. Dude's a character. And the fact that he's taking hairdo advice while shopping at Rite Aid on E. 55 makes me love him even more.

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