Assorted Joe Posnanski Stuff




First, Poz relays a funny story about Albert Belle during his days in Baltimore. Belle was 4-4 with a walk and three dingers on July 25, 1999, and Belle was hit by a pitch in his sixth at-bat. Belle tried to stay at home and refuse the hit-by-pitch.

Priceless quote: "I told the umpire I wasn’t going to first, that I’d take the 1-0 count,” Belle said after the game. “I told (Angels catcher Matt Walbeck) to tell the pitcher to throw the ball over the plate.”

Second, Poz (a Cleveland native) will be the keynote speaker at SABR's Seymour Medal Conference April 24-25 at the Radisson Gateway Hotel. If there's any way you can make it down for his talk, I'd highly recommend it.

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