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All that needs to be said about the relationship between the Browns fan base and the Browns merchandise department can be summed up in a few words: Droughns. Frye. Rison. Brown.

The list can go on, of course, but the point is that it's pretty damn hard (and expensive) to purchase a replica Browns jersey without having said player get injured, cut, traded, or completely flop his way off the team and, in some cases, out of the league.

We've all been through it. Buy the damn thing and two years later the player's gone.

A few exceptions in recent memory: Edwards, Quinn, Cribbs, and Joe Thomas.

So take a look at the Cleveland Browns on-line team shop these days, and once again the problem is crystal clear. By my count, two vintage throwbacks and three jerseys of players no longer with the team are on the front page right now. And that doesn't even count guys who still might be shipped out of town soon.

There's Edwards, who may or may not be traded before the season starts, and regardless of whether he makes it through this year, might be gone the year after.

There's Kellen Winslow — gone.

There's Andra Davis — gone.

There's Donte Stallworth — umm, probably gone.

There's Joe Jurevicius — gone.

There's Quinn or Anderson — one of whom might still be traded.

Get the point?

Of course, if Peter King's right and Alex Mack is gonna be a center in this league for ten years to come, maybe you plunk down some of your hard-earned cash on a Mack jersey — a bargain at $88 (and it will have his real number on there once the contract is signed and the number announced.)

Other bargains? Edwards 2008 Pro Bowl Jersey (possibly the ugliest damn thing ever) for $54. Winslow jersey for $127.50. Or a Joey J jersey for $44.


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