Huntington Park Continues to Draw Rave Reviews




This time from Ballpark Digest.

Is it a good thing when one of the chapter on the park is entitled: Is this the perfect ballpark?

Let's go to the analysis:

Indeed, there are a lot of cool things at Huntington Park, which comes as close to perfection as we’ve seen in any ballpark. With an embedded sense of place, a firm grasp on the grand history of baseball and a commitment to the latest in fan comforts, Huntington Park represents the very finest in ballpark design and operations. While there are some new ballparks that come very close — as you’ll see when we write about Parkview Field tomorrow — there are none better.

With a freaking unbelievably talented team on the field, the "perfect" ballpark, and the fact that it's only a short two-hour drive from Cleveland, there's no excuse for not getting down to Columbus for a game this year. (Hat tip to Shysterball.)

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