"I'm Calling it The Jake"


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So, it seems to me that Progressive Field really hasn't caught on with the fans. I know there was a strong sentiment after the name change to keep calling it The Jake or Jacob's Field, and hell, most of us still do that by mistake even when it's not a conscious effort.

Anyway, that brings us to No Mas and UniWatch and Citi Field. No Mas has been selling "I'm Calling it Shea" t-shirts for the past few weeks with tremendous success. Paul Lukas from UniWatch put out a notice today that he and No Mas are open to making similar shirts for fans in other cities that are forced to live with corporate-named parks. They're gauging interest and taking input, so if you feel so inclined, shoot Paul an e-mail and let him know that, yes, we would still like to call it "The Jake" and wear something that says so.


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