LeBron's Gift to His Teammates: Flip MinoHD's




That LeBron sure is a generous guy. Remember when he gave headphones to all his All Star teammates? Well, he was in a similar spirit yesterday as he accepted to the MVP trophy at St. Vincent St. Mary in Akron, surrounded by his family, teammates, and coaches.

Those guys that line up with him in the wine and gold? They received cameras, and FirstCut's Chris Littmann thinks he knows exactly which one.

OK, I'm really more hazarding a guess here than anything, but after watching the press conference clip a few times — and LeBron's use of the word "flip" — I'm fairly certain I've got this right. Yesterday, when LeBron James received his MVP trophy (and his new Kia, which he donated to charity) he also gave his teammates these camcorders.

The Flip MinoHD will run you $229 at Best Buy with 4 GBs of storage. The camera gets great reviews from CNET, too.

Only $229? Come on, Bron. I expected better of you. That's like the Kia of cameras.

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