The Rockers Are Back... Sorta




I know lots of Clevelanders were sad when the Rockers ceased playing. I was. I remember going to a game on pom-pom day. That was special.

Well, they're back. Kind of. I'm not even completely sure what the proper name is. The press release calls them the Cleveland Lady Rockers and the league's website (that would be the Women's Blue Chip Basketball League) calls them the Cleveland Rockettes.

Anyway, they're just now hiring staff, and I'm guessing they probably don't have a roster yet. They're mission statement says it's a league for women over 20 including former college players and former WNBA players, which begs the question, if no one wanted to go watch WNBA players in their prime, how do they expect to draw interest for a league full of WNBA players past their prime? (Just kidding. I wish all the luck in the world to both the league and the young women who will get a chance to play in it.)

It looks like there's about 60 teams in the league. I have no idea when or where the team will play.

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