It's LeBron vs. Roethlisberger, Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh




It's time for the 3rd annual Spike's Guys [sic] Choice Awards and among that plentiful topics readers/watchers are being asked to decide on (including Hottest Twins, Deadliest Warrior, Hottest "Mila," Sickest Rhymes, Hottest Girl on the Planet, etc.) is Most Unstoppable Jock. The choices: LeBron James or Ben Roethlisberger.

Is this even a freaking contest? I wrote a whole diatribe on why this is absolutely ludicrous, but it went on for like 1000 words and no one needs 1000 words to be convinced that LeBron is about 17 classes above Ben when it comes to athletic prowess. Simply put: LeBron — a candidate to quite possibly be the best basketball player ever; Ben Roethlisberger — a very good quarterback, but that's about it.

Vote now people. Don't let Pittsburgh stuff the ballot box on this one.

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