Goodyear Reaps the Benefits of Tribe's New Spring Training Facility



By most accounts, the Tribe built quite the facility out in Goodyear, Arizona, to serve as their new spring training headquarters. The only complaints seemed to be that a) Goodyear itself is still growing, and thus looks like just about any other suburban area filled with chain restaurants, and b) That it didn't allow fans to get close enough to the players like the Florida location allowed. The players seemed to love it though.

And so did the state of Arizona. According to a recent story, the facility and the Tribe's presence brought in about $21 million to the state.

An estimated $21 million poured into Arizona's economy during spring training with the opening of Goodyear Ballpark, the new home of the Cleveland Indians, stadium officials said. [snip]

Indians fans set attendance and ballpark-sales records at a time when the Cactus League is growing, thanks to Goodyear's and Glendale's new ballparks.


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