Diamond Encrusted Plastic Casios Are All the Rage, Just Ask Larry Hughes




What follows is exhibit No. 17,354 of the foolish things people with too much money do.

Yeah, that watch looks blinged out, but underneath, it's just a plastic Casio. Yep, just like the ones you and I wore in middle school. Except, this one has diamonds plastered all over the outside, which makes it fashionable, trendy, expensive, and just the sort of thing that millionaires with no idea what to spend their money on would want.

Larry Hughes supposedly bought 16 of these for Christmas presents. Shocker.

That watch comes from this gallery over at the Wall Street Journal, where they profile the guy behind the bling, Jason Arasheben. (Subscription required.)

All I know is that I need a diamond encrusted snap bracelet, pronto.

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