Things to Read That Might Not Suck: True Link Dump Edition


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Simply put: Here's a bunch of stuff that doesn't merit individual posts, but which is entertaining and worth your time nonetheless.

Deadspin's podcast welcomed Joe Posnanski the other day. Listen to hear all about his crankiness and his forced apology to the city of Cleveland. (Deadspin)

— Anyone who has taken in a drive-in movie at the Aut-O-Rama might enjoy this tale. A new sports complex popped up next door, and with all the lights, the movie going experience across the way became less than optimal. The Drive-In has won a temporary injunction against the sporting complex while they figure out what the hell to do. (PD)

Brendan Haywood blogs about LeBron's handshake fiasco. (Yardbarker)

— To avoid an NCAA issues, Tim Tebow's mom bought his ticket to game six of the Eastern Conference Finals in Orlando. (Orlando Sentinel)

Todd Dery eloquently opines on what it means to be a Cleveland sports fan. (Waiting For Next Year)

And, finally, Fan Graphs takes an in-depth look at Fausto Carmona. The results? Not promising. (Fan Graphs)


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