Cleveland Bar Celebrates 35th Anniversary of Ten Cent Beer Night with Ten Cent Beer




35 years ago today, on June 4, 1974, one of the most infamous events in sports history occurred at Cleveland Municipal Stadium when the Indians held ten cent beer night, and predictably, all hell occurred.

Today, Now That's Class (11213 Detroit Ave.), will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of the infamous drunken evening with a ten cent beer night of its own. Stroh's draft only, which is fine, because Stroh's rocks. Free show at 9 p.m. There's no way this ends badly. There's no way this ends in any similar fashion to the evening of June 4, 1974. Right?

(Also not officially on tap, but sure to be seen: Free views of drunken panhandlers taking advantage of the deal; Free views of vomit spewed far and wide from the bathrooms to the sidewalk; Free bloody foreheads; Not free protection from the police.)

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