The Prog Jake — Not Among the Most Vegetarian Friendly Ballparks




PeTA announced the top ten major league ballparks ranked by how friendly they are to vegetarians, and Cleveland is not on the list. I suppose that's only news to those of us that eat meat, as if you depend on bountiful and varied vegi options to survive and you also happen to love going to Indians games, you're probably already aware of what I now know to be limited options.

What are Wahoo/Tofu lovers missing out on?

In addition to old standbys such as peanuts and popcorn, baseball fans are enjoying mouthwatering options such as fresh-grilled veggie dogs, veggie burgers, and faux chicken as well as hearty burritos, vegetable wraps, and tasty regional foods. Not only are these choices full of flavor, they're also 100 percent cruelty- and cholesterol-free—talk about a triple play!

Sounds.... err... delicious. I suppose nothing will ever beat a real dog or brat, but I think we can all at least agree on the fact anything would probably be downright satisfying layered in some Stadium Mustard. That's vegetarian, right?

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