Rick Vaughn vs. Charlie Manuel




Apparently, the Indians aren't the only team hot on the giveaway trail. As we discussed late last week, there were plenty of goodies given to fans over the weekend. And of course, tonight’s Rick Vaughn giveaway will likely bring more fans to the stadium than the thought of facing Dave Bush and the Milwaukee Brewers.

But if you find yourself a bit east this evening — say, Lakewood, New Jersey — you may luck into your very own Charlie Manuel bobblehead.

While the Indians will shower their fans with Vaughns, only the first 2,000 fans that arrive to home venue of the Lakewood BlueClaws (think Lake County Captains) will leave with the Manuel bobble that is pictured. This is the second bobbled version of the former Indians skipper just this year. The Phillies released a World Champions version back in April.

Eric Wedge apparently didn’t make the cut for this year’s bobble roster. Instead, the recently inducted Slider gets two different dates while “Mustard” closes out the season in September. Pretty embarrassing if you think about it. Either way, 30,000 Rick Vaughns can’t be wrong. —Scott Sargent

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