Things to Read That Might Not Suck: Catching up With Former Cleveland Athletes Edition




— Remember Lee Suggs? Of course you do. He's joining the Oberlin coaching staff as a full-time running backs coach. (Dayton Daily News)

— Craig Breslow helps the Athletics take the top rank in the WSJ's odd and more than slightly misguided attempt to organize the smartest baseball teams by simply compiling how many players went to college, graduated, etc. Breslow, of course, appeared in seven games for the Tribe last year before he was released. What's he up to now? Only a 1.000 WHIP, 3-1 K/BB ratio, and 153 ERA+ for Oakland. (Wall Street Journal)

— And Travis Fryman takes the reigns of the Mahoning Valley Scrappers for the second year.

"Eighteen anxious baseball players turned their attention to the front of the room and listened attentively to the man speaking.

They absorbed every word, thought about every suggestion and wondered how they could make a good impression on this former Major League all-star who will be their surrogate father for the next three months.

That's one of the many aspects of being the Mahoning Valley Scrappers manager that Travis Fryman relishes. Impacting the lives and careers of young players is part of the reason he asked the front office of the Cleveland Indians if he could return to the Mahoning Valley for a second season.

His wish was granted, and Fryman, a former all-star third baseman for the Indians, couldn't be happier about it."

(Trib Today)

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