If You Could Ask Maria Sharapova One Question...



What would it be?

Daniel Gibson got the chance when Sharapova was the guest editor of this month's ESPN the Mag, and his one question wasn't that impressive. Little flirtation. No pleas for her to come to Cleveland and check out his game. No 'boobie' puns.

Sharapova also solicited letters and played advice columnist for other elite athletes with a question in mind. Daniel Gibson, of the Cleveland Cavaliers, asked: “What does a woman of your calibre look for in a man?”

“I like guys who are polite and quirky," the tennis babe answered. "Oh, and you have to be tall.”

Um. Gibson is 6'2". Does she consider that tall? Does she even know who he is? Or was she taking a thinly veiled shot at Gibson's stature?

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