Shaq Gear Hits Cavs' Online Shop, and It's Blah


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While Shaq hasn't decided on a nickname yet, he does have a uniform number — 33. Which means you can now pre-order your jerseys on along with a couple of completely unspectacular t-shirts.

For any Cavs employees reading: Come on, I know it's early, but this is the best you've got so far?

Clearly they realize the marketing goldmine that's just landed in their laps — Shaq gear is featured prominently on a splash page as you go to as well as front and center once you reach the team shop's site. They've had a little over two days to think of something to take advantage of the tidal wave of Cavs fans wandering on over in a fit of Shaqcicity wanting to hand over their hard-earned dollars for something with the big man's image on it. And this is the best they could do?

Whatever. It's your money. How long til someone besides the Cavs puts out shirts 10x better?


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