Game Film: Cleveland Browns vs. Detroit Lions in the 1952 NFL Championship



In 1952, the Cleveland Browns went 8-4, good for first place in the NFL's American Division. The Detroit Lions went 9-3, good for first place in the NFL's National Division. And thusly, the two teams met in the championship game. The Browns lost that game 17-7.

Above is the first of a three-part series of game footage from that game submitted by a reader at The Pride of Detroit. Here's his story and how the footage found it's way to the computer screen in front of you:

As promised, I will be posting some of the historical items/memorabilia my grandfather, Garrard "Buster" Ramsey, Detroit Lions Defensive Coach 1952-1959, held onto from his career. We'll begin here with the 1952 World Championship game footage that my family converted from the old 16 millimeter reel to DVD and then finally to the web. The Lions won this game 17-7 over the Cleveland Browns. This footage is 30 minutes long, so I cut it up into 10 minute segments for ease of viewing. I hope y'all enjoy this glimpse of the Lions' past!!!

Click thru to the link to view parts 2 and 3 to watch even more of Otta Graham, Marion Motley, Lou Groza and the rest of the gang.


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