Not Surprisingly, Shaq Gear Tops at Cavs Team Shops




When Shaq comes to town, his value to the team isn't just what he can do on the court. In terms of marketing, the Cavs couldn't have scored a bigger coup if they tried. As soon as he decided on No. 33, the jerseys and t-shirts started hitting the on-line store and pretty soon after that they were in the team shops.

To the surprise of exactly zero people, the top five selling items for the Cavs right now are all Shaq-related. According to the team:

1. Shaq Adult Replica Jersey
2. Shaq Player Name and Number T-Shirt
3. Shaq Youth Replica Jersey
4. UNK Shaq Diesel T-Shirt
5. Adidas Super Shaq T-Shirt (Pictured to the right)

I'm mildly surprised the Eastern Conference Finals designs didn't crack the top five. We all bought one of those, right?

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