Gotta Love Kelly Pavlik's Honesty




A piece from the Youngstown Vindicator covers a few updates on Kelly Pavlik. There's a super middleweight tournament going on soon on Showtime and Pavlik talked about not participating, facing whoever's next, and the fact that he feels that his career merits being featured on HBO for a big payday. Most of this is unsurprising to anyone who's followed Pavlik news recently, but you still have to admire the honesty in his quotes.

“Those guys are fighting for peanuts,” said Pavlik. “They’re going to burn their whole career and for what? Nobody watches Showtime.

“I fought my way up for seven years, I’ve fought for $3 million and $2.5 million a fight, why decline that much?” he said. “Yeah, the economy is bad, but there’s still more money out there.

“That’s like [Browns quarterback] Brady Quinn playing for $300 a week. It’s bull[crap].”

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