Wait, It's Okay to Film Warren Buffett Clowning on LeBron on the Court But Not Jordan Crawford?




No need to go over the Nike/LeBron/Jordan Crawford Dunkgate story again. You know what happened, so let's move on, shall we?

While all this was blowing up, LeBron was at the Allen & Co. extra-exclusive get-together in Sun Valley, Idaho with a bunch of billionaires and media moguls. And what did they watch for a little entertainment?

Lebron James and Warren Buffett were together again at the Allen and Company conference in Sun Valley last week — and the highlight of the event was a video showing Buffett beating James in a one-on-one basketball game.

Attendees cracked up when the tape was shown with Buffett outplaying one of the the NBA”s most famous players. Buffett, attired in a basketball outfit complete with headband, somehow out-performed the perennial all-star player.

I can see how everyone would enjoy watching that. While obviously staged, it's nice to see a big-shot celebrity able to laugh at himself and have a good time.

Which makes this all just a bit strange. In one breath, he's directing Nike to confiscate tapes that might make him look bad, and in the next, he's making a mock video where Warren Buffet schools him on the court, all for the enjoyment of billionaires?

Certainly is an odd coincidence, and one that surely doesn't make him look any more sympathetic than he did before the scandal started. To some, it may now appear even more that he's just a PR-controlling, aloof gazillionaire who can only identify with and share laughter with other rich people.

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