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Every club deals with injuries, ineffective pitching, stopgap relievers and such through the long haul of a season. But this Tribe team is special — not in a good way.

The Indians have used 20 relievers this year, ranging from the obvious to the obscure to the all-to-brief guest appearances.

The question is: Can you name all of them? Maybe the diehards can, but even then, I'm guessing you'll miss one or two. In compiling the list, I realized I would have missed at least four names.

So, how many can you remember?

Answers after the jump.

Tomokazu Ohka
Kerry Wood
Rafael Betancourt
Rafael Perez
Matt Herges
Aaron Laffey
Joe Smith
Luis Vizcaino
Greg Aquino
Tony Sipp
Jensen Lewis
Mike Gosling
Chris Perez
Jose Veras
Winston Abreu
Jeremy Sowers
Rich Rundles
Masa Kobayashi
Zach Jackson
Vinnie Chulk


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