Photos and More — The National Sports Collector Convention




So last weekend the National Sports Collector Convention took over the IX Center for many days of many, many, many sports-related collectibles, nostalgia, garbage, baseball cards, and .... well, they had freaking everything there.

I spent most of the morning and earlier afternoon on Thursday checking out the wares with ESPN's Paul Lukas (find Paul's exhaustive recap of the event and his thoughts on collecting here). Yes, the Sports Guy was there too, although I didn't see him. His recap is here, and his 120-photo essay begins here.


Anyway, the photo above is of the 1982 Browns defensive book. Like, THE BOOK. It has everything from plays to rules and regulations to conduct guidelines and details on how much players can be fined for certain infractions (see photo below.) The dealer had the 1982 Browns offensive book also, and he made sure to tell me that among all the plays, Red Right 88 was no where to be found.


(Join me after the jump for much, much more.)


Paul graciously picked up these two Cleveland Force media guides for me after I explained that I didn't collect anything, but if I did, I'd be all over old Force stuff. From these I learned that not only was my favorite indoor soccer team of all time populated with a litany of old, mustachioed European men who looked old enough to be my grandfather, but also that the old Coliseum could hold 37 million soccer balls. That's useful info. Also, they had this fabulous picture of a young Scott Wolstein in the front, executive vice president of the club.


One other note before you endeavor into the rest of the pictures: Since the convention was here, plenty of dealers were either local or displaying a whole lot of local memorabilia. There was literally too much to photograph and take in, but what you see here were some of my favorites.






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