Bonus eBay Item of the Day: Vardell, Metcalf, Jackson, Johnson Caricature T-Shirt



I think they got lost
  • I think they got lost

Couldn't pass up a chance to put this up today instead of waiting until tomorrow. Eric Metcalf, Pepper Johnson, Tommy Vardell, and Michael Jackson are riding their way to the Super Bowl in 1994 in this caricature tee. Yeah, they didn't just make caricature tees of Bernie and Byner and Newsome. No, these boys obviously showed enough promise to merit their own design. And hell, to me, anything bearing the image of Tommy Vardell is worth whatever price people are asking for it. In this case, . TOMMY FREAKING VARDELL, people!

Or maybe you're more in the market for a VHS tape of Jim Brown in "Slaughter." If that's the case, here you go. Don't want you to feel left out.

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