Is That A Clipboard in Your Pocket Or... No, That Is In Fact A Clipboard in Your Pocket




Looking for a singular reason to pin all the blame on for the Browns' embarrassing loss to Denver Sunday? Look no further than the coach on the left side of this picture. Never has one image said so many appropriate things about this team.

The 2009 Cleveland Browns: Unsure about what plays we're running because someone's clipboard is stuffed inside of their pants.

The 2009 Cleveland Browns: Turns out there's plenty of room in our pants, dontcha know.

The 2009 Cleveland Browns: Inspiring only artificial wood, even among the coaches.

The 2009 Cleveland Browns: Glad this didn't become a habit when Romeo was coaching. He would have looked like he had an airplane folding tray jutting out from his belly, which naturally he would have thought infinitely convenient for eating during games.

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