Ron Harper on Not Winning a Championship for Cleveland



Another day, another column about LeBron's decision to stay or go in July of 2010. One difference here: The writer relays an anecdote about talking with Ron Harper about his rings and whether not winning one in Cleveland made him feel good, bad, indifferent.

Some years ago, I spent some time with former NBA player Ron Harper. I once asked him if he ever regretted being traded away from Cleveland.

He was famously traded to the Los Angeles Clippers for Danny Ferry, who now works as general manager of the Cavs. Ferry never really developed into a top talent in the league. Harper went on to win five NBA championship titles in his career, including three with Michael Jordan.

For all of his NBA success, Harper’s response to my question was unforgettable. I remember the pained look on his face as he wholeheartedly expressed his regret that he did not bring a title to Cleveland. While not a native son, Harper can claim regional ties as he was born in nearby Dayton, Ohio and went to college in Oxford, Ohio.

It seemed as though he would have considered trading in his five titles to have brought a championship to Cleveland. He really wanted to win one for Cleveland.

(Hat tip to True Hoop.)

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