Saying Goodbye: The Eric Wedge Facial Hair Gallery




Wedge's tenure is coming to an end very, very soon — in fact, by the time you read this, it may be over already — and I could think of no better way to honor the man's time at the helm of the Indians than collecting pictures of all the different facial hair styles he's sported over the years. Clean shaven, dark goatee, gray goatee, bears, dark mustache, light mustache, scruff, scruffy goatee, scruffy beard, and pie beard. The man really has done it all.

So, godspeed, Eric. If you managed all this while holding down the manager's job, I can only imagine how often the razor will be coming out now that you have some free time. If you ever go fu-manchu, string beard, mustache-less goatee, or grow anything long enough to braid, make sure to take a pic and send it to us as an update.

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