LeBron Still Trailing Kobe in China




Jersey sale numbers for the Chinese market were posted on NBA.com and once again Kobe is ahead of LeBron. It's the third straight year he's claimed the top spot.

People like to look at the jersey numbers both in China and in Europe, where LeBron was third behind Kevin Garnett and Kobe, and extrapolate facts that the numbers don't quite show. Kobe and Garnett's popularity has everything to do not only with their talent and the fact they've been in the league a lot longer than LeBron, but also that the Lakers and Celtics have won the last two NBA championships. Watch sales for this year and next if LeBron and the Cavs win the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy, especially with LeBron coming off the MVP award. Compound that with the Cavs' new Chinese investment group, LeBron's world tour for "More Than a Game" and "Shooting Stars" and I expect those numbers to close, if not reverse completely when the next stats are released.

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