You Know You've Made It When...




Jay-Z's tour stopped in Cleveland last night and, naturally, LeBron was right there with him.

Now, forget the MVP award, the millions of dollars, the endorsements, the celebrity, the skills. Forget everything else LeBron has done in his life that might be used as a measuring stick for how big he's made it. Nothing tops standing on stage with Jay-Z, while Jay-Z is performing, and texting someone else.

Seriously, LeBron did it. To be fair, he wasn't next to Jay-Z, but he was on the stage just off to the side dancing with his crew, and spent the majority of one song typing on his Blackberry. I know LeBron operates in a different realm that even most celebrities, let alone us commoners, but seriously, unless that's President Obama on the other side of the text, who the hell merits a text while you're onstage with Jay-Z?

I want to be that important one day.


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