David Huff Loves Free Golf, Earning Tips Cleaning Clubs




Even though David Huff signed a $900,000 bonus with the Indians upon getting drafted, and even though he pitched in the majors for the Tribe from May through the end of the season last year, earning a nice major league salary, it seems as if he's still concerned about money. See, while the stars get endorsement deals, commercials and other ancillary benefits of being a well-known ballplayer, the low-level guys have to find other outlets for extra income if they so choose. For Huff, it comes in the form of working on a golf course. From an interview with MLB.com Indians beat reporter Anthony Castrovince:

Did you ever have a job growing up, away from sports?

I never really had a job, but I did a lot of community service work. I helped out with some soup kitchens and did fundraising for spots. This past offseason, I got a job at a golf course cleaning clubs for tips. I'm looking to go back there again and earn a few bucks. Free golf is free golf. Whatever you've got to do to get it.

Hilarious and cool.

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