If You Watch One Browns Fan Video On YouTube in Your Life, Make it This One



Cardboard background? Check.

Approximately 275 uses of the word "fuck"? Check.

Unbridled anger and screaming? Check.

Browns fan sitting in a recliner wearing a Patriots hat? Check.

Possible spit cup? Check.

Use of the number "4" as a letter on a sign, as in "Trey 4 Li4e"? Check.

Bragging about high school football conquests? Check.

(Addendum: If Chuck Kyle doesn't invite this guy to talk to Ignatius before a playoff game this year, he doesn't know what he's doing.)

(Addendum II: It's pretty clear this guy has time in his calendar for such a speaking engagement.)

(Addendum III: If Kyle also doesn't demand that this guy diagram plays for the team using a Sharpie and a piece of cardboard, he knows nothing about motivation.)

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