C.J. Mosley Planning Protest of Fans' Protest and the Protest of the Protest... Got It?




CLEVELAND, Ohio — On the heels of a planned fan protest led by Dawg Pound Mike for Monday night's game against the Ravens, and a subsequent protest of Dawg Pound Mike's protest led by RealFansDontMissKickoff.com and Cleveland frowns, Browns backup defensive lineman C.J. Mosley announced his own protest today.

"You know, the fans aren't the only unhappy ones," said Mosley. "Some players are unhappy too."

Mosley stated he wanted his protest to be as noticeable as the planned fan protests. Asked what he was going to do, he said, "I'm going to sit down on the bench for kickoff." Asked why that would be significant, he added, "Because I usually stand for the kickoff."

Mosley also proclaimed that he wanted his protest to have the same clear goals and unifying themes that the fans' protests have. When asked what the specific goals were, Mosley was unable to provide details, instead merely repeating that he would sit for kickoff because "it was important."

Asked what he hoped to accomplish with the protest, or who/what the target was, he stumbled for a minute before admitting he didn't have much to elaborate on. "I'm protesting. That's the bottom line." He then mumbled something about hopefully scoring a face-to-face meeting with Randy Lerner, or at least Eric Mangini.

When further prodded that perhaps he was "protesting" only to seek attention from the media and others in the organization, Mosley responded, "No, that's not why I'm in this. I really think that..."

The quote ends abruptly because Mosley saw Tony Grossi and Marla Ridenour walking down the hall and began sprinting after them, screaming, "Hey, did you guys hear about my protest?!?"

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