So, Not Everyone Was Thrilled the Browns Were on Channel 3




While Browns fans spend the morning reveling in last night's victory, not all Clevelanders are so thrilled. Turns out Thursday's a pretty big TV night for the non-sporting crowd, and when your favorite shows are moved off the NBC schedule for Browns vs. Steelers, you get pretty angry about it and post your thoughts at Daily Kos.

Dear WKYC-TV (NBC, Cleveland):

You are the biggest piece of trash to ever broadcast radio waves into the universe. I hate you. I hope your transmitter tower blows up and falls into Lake Erie, and then is eaten slowly by zebra mussels. And then catches on fire upon contact with Cuyahoga River water.

Why, oh why, would you pre-empt Community, The Office and 30 Rock so that you can show a football game to which everyone knows the result before it ever started? The Browns will lose. That is all they are capable of doing. Everyone knows this, even the most die-hard, hopeful fans. Just putting this on TV makes those poor fans think there might be hope. Don't toy with them, because they're so close to committing seppuku anyway.


You suck..... Times infinity, with no tag-backs.

Go to hell!
-Foucault vs. Deleuze

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