Muscle Milk Deploys Virtual Shaq Using Bottles and Your Webcam




Want to see a cyber Shaq pop up on your computer screen with a guitar, singing and dancing about Ohio landmarks? Well, pick up a bottle of Muscle Milk and get your webcam ready, because Muscle Milk has gotten involved in augmented reality marketing using the Big Shaqtus. Techcrunch explains:

Now Muscle Milk is getting in on the AR action with a campaign targeted to consumers in Ohio. On each bottle of the high-energy drink, there is a square with the number “33.” When you show that to your Webcam, Shaquille O’Neal will pop out of the bottle like a genie on-screen and give a little song and dance about some Ohio landmarks like the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame.

Here's the link (Flash required) to the Muscle Millk campaign's website, where, unfortunately, you can not see the Shaq song and dance. However, you can print out the special "33" marker there to hold up to your webcam, thus avoiding having to go out and purchase an actual bottle of Muscle Milk.

If anyone can put this on YouTube, please do so pronto. A grateful world awaits.

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