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Major League movie baseball cards? Yep. And if, for a moment, you think to yourself, Wow, that's cool, but there's probably oodles of sets of those out there, take a minute to read this account from Indians Baseball Cards and Random Wax (more photos at that link also). The author got a comment from a reader about the elusive set and it turns out he might have one of the very few, or only, sets in existence.

I have only seen the set listed in ONE baseball card pricing guide ever. I think I may even have it in one of the older guides I own. Heck, I might have even scanned it and posted it here before! I'll have to look and see. If I do have it, I'll be sure to send Ryan a copy of the pricing. THANK YOU so much, Ryan! In one comment, you said you may own the only set in existence at this point. I think you may be right! I even hired a company to look for the set and THEY couldn't find anyone with it!

Tell me you don't want the Roger Dorn card. Number one, baby.



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