Who Let the Pasty Polish Kid With the Potty Mouth On TV?


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So, yeah. Your humble blogger made his TV debut tonight, ostensibly because I used a lot of vulgarities in this tirade about CC. At least that's how I come across in the clip. You don't know how many times I had to practice saying, "In all sincerity, I hope a seagull poops on his head," to be able to do it with a straight face. No joke, I practiced. My editor told me it was essential to keep a straight face, and I agreed. Success!

Unfortunately, there was plenty of gold left on the cutting room floor. For instance, this exchange, which didn't make it to air:

Dawn: Do you think you're being too harsh? Don't you think everyone's entitled to their opinions?

Me: No, I don't think I was too harsh. I only used the word fuck about 37 times. I could have easily hit 50.

Dawn: Well, I wasn't counting.

Actual exchange.

But seriously, folks. While I appreciate shocking and/or amusing middle-aged, workaday people who happened to be innocently going about their lunch hour when Dawn ambushed them with my vulgarity-laced rant, and while I relish any opportunity to swear on TV (and have the girlfriend's parents count the bleeps), there was some real substance in the CC piece amidst the f-bombs and talk of feces.

Alright, enough navel-gazing.

Oh, and fuck you, CC.

(Thanks to Dawn Kendrick, who actually seemed to get what I was doing.)

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