LeBron Billboard Update and Premiering the Cavs "Goosie" T-Shirt




By now, you've probably clicked over to LeBron2010.com at one point or another and seen the billboard campaign. As it stands right now, Glen Infante, proprietor of LeBron 2010 and I Love the Hype, has raised about $2242 towards the effort to erect a billboard somewhere in Cleveland.

I caught up with Glen recently to get an update on where things stand. Here's the gist of what he said in some handy and easy-to-digest bullet points:

— They're still short. Donate if you can.

— They'd like the billboard to go up in April so it's ready for the Cavs playoff run.

— If they don't reach their target goal in time, they'll donate all the money to LeBron's foundation.

— They'd prefer the billboard to be in downtown Cleveland near Quicken Loans Arena, but if that's too expensive, they'll do it in Akron.

— No design for the billboard yet, but Glen envisions a big "Thank You" letter to LeBron to show him how much we appreciate him and don't want him to leave. No pushy or "woe is me" emotions here.

Anyway, on to the here and now. I Love the Hype has rolled out the first part of their spring collection and Goosie — the little sign Cavs players have been giving each other this year when they nail a three-pointer — is, by far, the star.

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