Actor, Avid Snowglobe Collector To Make Soap Box Derby Film


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You can find no more wholesome event that better represents the glory of amateur sport and the Midwest than the All-American Soap Box Derby. Watch it, don't watch it, you have to appreciate anyone who builds or races those cars, and the people that organize the event.

Hollywood has taken notice. Corbin Bernsen, he of LA Law, Psych, Major League (long live Roger Dorn), and other stuff, has taken a liking to the race and has finally secured some funding to make a movie based on the script he wrote concerning all things Soap Box Derby. Bonus: They're filming in Akron.

From the Akron Beacon Journal:

Corbin Bernsen's planned movie about the All-American Soap Box Derby has gotten the go-ahead from the actor-producer.

Bernsen, who plans to shoot most of the movie in the Akron area, was in town recently to make sure the financing would be available for the film, 25 Hill, which he also wrote and will act in and direct.

Bernsen originally imagined the movie costing $750,000 to $1 million but said the commitments he now has for about $500,000 are enough to get the film going — if the commitments are all met.

If you're wondering what kind of person forgoes other actoring jobs and big paydays to direct a movie about the All-American Soap Box Derby in Akron for free, the answer is the same kind of person that owns over 7000 snowglobes.

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