Fun With Customizable Knicks Jerseys




CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell drew the ire of Cleveland Fan yesterday with this tweet: "Knicks fans can get a jump on things and customize 'JAMES' No. 6 jerseys on Just went thru for me."

As Clevelanders are wont to do when the subject of LeBron and the Knicks is brought up, vitriol was spewed. The reaction was predictably swift, vicious, and defensive. For example: "TheKardiacKid @darrenrovell1 way to not let your personal biases get in the way of your professional reporting for CNBC, you hacky douchebag."

Naturally, the mock James No. 6 Knicks jersey led to some industrious readers and Twitter followers to customize their own NY gear (my version is the one pictured here). And Crain's Cleveland reporter Joel Hammond is now hosting a contest on his blog for the most creative versions from readers. Head over to this post and scroll to the very bottom for details.

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