Young Indians Fans Run On Field, Throw White Powder In the Air


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During the Tribe game last Thursday, two young fans dressed in LeBron jerseys ran out onto the grass of Jacob's Field during the eighth inning. During their daring spring through the outfield, they tossed white powder in the air a la King James's pre-game ritual. Bonus points for the multitasking. Double bonus points because one of the kids supposedly goes to St. Ignatius (Go Wildcats).

No bonus points, however, to the person who filmed the video of their exploits. Shaky, shaky, shaky. At least you can see some of the white powder exploits.

Since they were most likely high schoolers, they probably didn't end up in jail. That doesn't change the fact Cleveland has stepped up the LeBron PR game. We're willing to get arrested for this cause, dammit.

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