Manny Acta Doesn't Want Instant Replay




This is usually the sort of news I wouldn't bother posting here, but it seems fitting to me that since we have an anachronistic baseball beat writer covering the team that we have an anachronistic manager leading it.

Too perfect.

Manny Acta probably also agrees with Hoynes that the Cy Young should be based on wins and wins only.

Here's Jayson Stark talking
about his poll of managers around baseball and how Acta was one of only two that said that they don't want instant replay.

So while we've never been mistaken for Zogby International around here, we did our best. We were able to survey 24 of baseball's 30 managers on replay. And here's what we found:

• They're in favor of it — heavily. Of the two dozen managers who responded, 18 were open to expanded replay in some form, only two (Cleveland's Manny Acta and Arizona's Kirk Gibson) were opposed, and the other four said they preferred to no-comment their way through this minefield.

• Most said they would prefer a system in which either an umpire in a booth or a replay official at MLB headquarters decided which plays to review.

• But several — including Bochy — said they would favor a manager-challenge system similar to the one tried this year at the Little League World Series.

• There was almost unanimous sentiment for using either replay or some other technology to get fair/foul calls right.

• And most, but not all, of the managers who were willing to get specific favored using replay, in some form, for calls at all four bases.

"I just want to get it right," said Bochy, the man who started all this. "It's OK to lose a game if the other team beats you. But if you lose a game because a call goes against you, it's hard to sleep at night."

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